What is Therapeutic Mentoring?

All students need mentors in their lives to offer guidance and support when life gets confusing, but the unique model of Therapeutic Mentoring takes the mentor-mentee relationship one step further. Each of our Sherpa Group mentors not only has a heart to see students excel, but they are all licensed therapists with a wide array of knowledge and tools to help students do just that!

Therapeutic Mentoring is not traditional therapy. Students and mentors don’t meet in an office and their time together isn’t structured in the way traditional therapy might be. Mentors and mentees could meet for coffee, a game of basketball, or a hike through the woods. Activities and meeting schedules are completely up to mentors and mentees and should reflect their unique interests and goals!

The focus of Therapeutic Mentoring is on relationship building and goal setting. As mentors and mentees get to know one another, we hope genuine friendships built on trust and encouragement will emerge. After [developing personalized, step-by-step plans] for success together, our passion is to see Sherpa Group mentors walking alongside their students as they work to master the [Art of Living]!