Our Approach

Sherpa Group exists to provide Therapeutic Mentoring to adolescents and young adults in order that they may master the Art of Living. At Sherpa, our Art of Living formula for success is simple:


Our Sherpa Group mentors are trained and equipped to help students reach their unique goals by supporting them in each of these critical areas.


It’s easy for students to get excited about new goals as they set them, but young people often underestimate the amount of time it might take to fully realize their dreams. Goal setting is not intuitive for many students, but Sherpa Group mentors are not just passionate about helping students set ambitious goals… they are passionate about helping students create manageable plans to achieve them!Sherpa Group mentors work with their students to break big goals into small, actionable items that will lead to success. Mentors are realistic about the amount of time it might take students to fully succeed, but, by breaking goals down, they show students how to work steadily and confidently toward their dreams one month, week, and day at a time!


Few people, especially students, are able to stay motivated and on-track without positive people surrounding them. As motivational speaker and business philosopher Jim Rohn famously suggested, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” At Sherpa Group we call the people who surround students their “tribe.” Sherpa Group mentors help students evaluate their tribes. Are their friends lifting them up or dragging them down? What kinds of choices are students making because of the people they are spending the most time with? Mentors not only encourage students to make more conscious decisions about whom they spend time with, but they serve as a positive member of their student’s tribe, modeling what constructive and encouraging friendship can look like!


It’s no secret that goal setting is completely useless without proper action. Sherpa Group mentors are not only there to help students develop plans to reach their goals, they’re committed to following up and offering support as students take action to reach them. Because mentors know what steps students should be taking toward their dreams each day, week, and month, they are able to check in with students to offer accountability and support. They are also there to help students regroup when things don’t go as planned. Nothing can derail a dream more quickly than the discouragement of getting off track, but with guidance and support students are able to recover motivation rather than abandon their goals. 


There are so many aspects of life that students can’t control, but attitude isn’t one of them. In a culture where complaining is often considered “cool,” Sherpa Group mentors are able to model the value of a positive attitude. Sometimes the only thing students need in order to gain a shift in perspective is someone to gently remind them of all the good in their worlds. Positive attitudes are contagious, and we hope our mentors will rub off on their students! The ability to align TIMETRIBEACTION, and ATTITUDE in order to live positively and achieve goals is more of an art form than a science, and that’s why we call it the Art of Living. As Sherpa Group mentors model this kind of living and help students see the potential for it in their own lives, we hope it will start to become second nature – that students will truly become masters of the Art of Living themselves!